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Black TV Networks Rant




We have a few television networks dedicated to the Black community, but none of them 100 percent black owned. Bet was founded and up until 2001 owned by Robert L.  Johnson. He sold the network to Viacom. Viacom also owns Centric, which is a Bet sister station. 

Own, founded and partially owned by Oprah Winfrey is also owned by Discovery communications. Then we have TV One who is owned by Radio One and NBCUniversal. Those are some of the top networks dedicated to the Black community. I Love my black people and I show love and support anytime I can, but to be honest I haven’t watched BET since probably middle schools and it’s not because I feel like they’re embarrassing us, but because I feel like it doesn’t have a meaning anymore. It doesn’t show and represent our people how it should. I really watch Centric, but I never really just have. Once I learned it was affiliated BET, I thought it’d be the same things. I am a big fan of TV One however. I enjoy the old shows and I also some of the newer shows.

I guess OWN is okay at times, I don’t watch that often because it seems like each time I get comfortable and want to watch something, one of Tyler Perry’s, boring and cliche shows are on. I was Perry fan a few years ago, but he tends to upset me each time he has a new project, because it’s all the same.

The thing I do love about each of these networks is they don’t support the demeaning reality shows featuring black people act a fool. They letting the white man do that to them and each time we tune into watching LHHA, BBW etc. We’re getting the white man help them act like fools. I don’t condone or support those shows and when I ask my black girlfriends why they watch it, their answers are always simple. “They making a fool of themselves, and it’s not me.”  Funny. Right? Another thing I find extremely humorous is that Mr. And Mrs. Carter haven’t been to the BET Awards to perform in a few years, but they make it to MTV. I’m not saying I know why nor will I pretend like I know the answer, but it’s quite funny if you ask me.

I don’t want to make it seem like I don’t support black networks because I do. The content has to mean something. It has to be more than music videos.



Michael Jackson a Granddad?



Over the past few days there has been word that Paris Jackson, daughter of the King of Pop is expecting her very own bundle of joy. Now these rumors has not yet been confirmed or denied, but that hasn’t stopped the media and all the MJ fans to hop on the bandwagon telling her how good of a mother she’ll be.

There are a few ironic things with the reaction given to this story. The first being teen pregnancy. Of course it’s been an issue for many years, but the fact of the matter is it happens. My issue is that people are praising and congratulating her when every other teen get treated as if they’re scum and whores. Okay, so she’s MIs daughter, but she’s still a baby, who not too long ago was under psychiatric evaluation, which brings me to my next issue. She was sent to live with her mother because she attempted suicide. Does she really need to be bring a child in this world? Women, no matter their age in situations like that often harm themselves or their child. I’m not saying it’s deliberated, but it happens. Then all of a sudden they can’t be held responsible for their actions.

I don’t know if she’s pregnant or not, but for the sake of health, I hope she isn’t and if she is,I hope the child will have a safe, healthy and normal childhood.