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Sisterhood of Hip-Hop


I’ve never really been a fan of reality shows, whether its The Housewives, BGC, LHHA or some other similar show I never watch them because I consider those obstruction to our society and promotes too much negativity. Surprisingly I tuned into to Sisterhood of Hip-Hop this evening and I actually liked it. It features Brianna Perry (@BRiANNAtheYRB ), Siya (@Siya), Diamond (@DiamondAtl), Nyemiah Supreme (@NyemiahSupreme) and Bia (@BiaBrokeMyHeart). This show is showing us how the these young women are on the road to accomplishing their dreams of being femcees (female rappers). Usually in a premier of a show its filled with drama, hating and tons of negativity, but this was the contrary.

Brianna P. is not only a rapper in the making, but she’s also a college graduate who has a back up plan just in case her rap career doesn’t go as planned.

Diamond, former member of the group Crime Mob was in the spotlight as a teen, but she fell off for a while, but she’s still young, trying and not giving up. Usually women in her predicament would be bitter and blame their problems on the world. I don’t see this in her.

Siya and Bia both seemed to have it hard growing and it seems as if they overcame a lot problems and worked to be where they are right now, which just proves that hard work does pay off.

Nyemiah wasn’t really featured in this episode too much, so there isn’t much to say about except for the fact that I think Siya’s may be attracted to her which may cause for some drama in the future episodes.

This show is off to a good start and I wish all of the ladies so much success. I’m looking forward to watching and blogging every week, so stay tuned.


She Did That: The Queen of Rap Diss The Queen of Rap?

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj has been going out for far too long and after Lil Kim’s recent diss on the ‘Flawless (Remix)’ to Nicki Minaj reaffirmed everyone beliefs that Lil Kim really needs to have a seat. Check out the diss below before I go any further.

What’s ironic about all this beef is Nicki emulated Kim when she first came out and she even showed loved to her on more than one occasion. Lil Kim it took upon herself to diss Nicki Minaj calling her a copycat, but I guess she didn’t understand that Nicki most likely considered her a role model, not her competition.

I do like Nicki’s music, but lets be honest they both sell sex and their bodies, which is where the majority of their fans and fame come from. Lil Kim needs to have a seat and let Nicki be the ‘Queen of Rap.’ She has a newborn and yet she’s worried about Nicki. Yes, her priorities are definitely screwed up.

Nicki and her beef with Iggy is humorous to me as well, but that’s a whole different blog for a different day. These people who been out for a while just need to realize that they’re not always going to be the hottest thing out. They call it beef, but I call envy

Sorry Bey: Jay-Z’s “Alleged” Mistress Speaks

Yes! Jay-Z’s alleged mistress (Liv) has come out, but according to her he wanted the goods, but she’s nobodies side chick, even if he is a bad, million dollar boy.
She claims she was going to respect Beyoncé until she “came in her lane.” I don’t recall Beyoncé addressing Liv, but I could’ve have missed it (sarcasm).
Of course Liv wants her five minutes of fame, but I believe there is some truth to her song. She did have a few relevant points and a lot of irrelevant as well. Check out the song below. I know Beyoncé fans are on full attack. How ironic is that Bey and Nicki both get dissed after the remix to ‘Flawless’ dropped!?