Is Loyalty Owed?

Is Loyalty Owed?

Loyalty means to be loyal to a person, to be faithful to them and to be honest with them, but who deserves loyalty? That bestfriend of 10 years who dated a boy in high school, but still wants him off limits to you? That cousin who will sleep with sleep your childs mother, but says “no fun if the homeboys can’t have none.” Loyalty has been proven to be broken time and time again over the years whether in film, music or reality. That’s why when Chris Brown said “these h–s ain’t loyal,” the world couldn’t help but to agree. Ronald Isley and R.Kelly was some of the first people to display what unloyalty is for the public. They were good friends, but somehow Ron Isley women always found a way into Kelly’s bed. But the question is did Kelly owe Ron something?
There more intense situations when a man/ woman can have their best friend back through thick and thin, they can clothe, feed and shelter this person and yet this same best friend will double cross them in a heartbeat. This brings us back to the question is loyalty owed? Is it earned? Or does it even exist?


One thought on “Is Loyalty Owed?

  1. Loyalty is hard to find. People no longer care about people. When or if you find someone loyal whether it be friend boyfriend or husband hold on to them. We live in a cruel world.

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