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Is Loyalty Owed?

Is Loyalty Owed?

Loyalty means to be loyal to a person, to be faithful to them and to be honest with them, but who deserves loyalty? That bestfriend of 10 years who dated a boy in high school, but still wants him off limits to you? That cousin who will sleep with sleep your childs mother, but says “no fun if the homeboys can’t have none.” Loyalty has been proven to be broken time and time again over the years whether in film, music or reality. That’s why when Chris Brown said “these h–s ain’t loyal,” the world couldn’t help but to agree. Ronald Isley and R.Kelly was some of the first people to display what unloyalty is for the public. They were good friends, but somehow Ron Isley women always found a way into Kelly’s bed. But the question is did Kelly owe Ron something?
There more intense situations when a man/ woman can have their best friend back through thick and thin, they can clothe, feed and shelter this person and yet this same best friend will double cross them in a heartbeat. This brings us back to the question is loyalty owed? Is it earned? Or does it even exist?


Safety First



Whether you live in the south, the east, the midwest or somewhere else in the country, one thing you want to do during the upcoming summer is keep your children safe. The world is violent, especially in urban cities, and as it gets hotter and summer quickly approaches, the violence only increases which often leads to death. For parents who work full time and need their children to be occupied, there are a number of things you can do to keep your child active and out of the streets.

The Boys & Girls Club is located in cities all across world. The club  provides assistance and support to kids in youth program development, resource development, marketing and communications, and more. The facilities offer several different programs. For these programs the age usually varies depending on the program you choose.

In cities such as South Bend, which is known and popular because of Notre Dame, they offer different camps and events for children to do, whether the kids are local or if they’re coming from miles away. So check out local universities, or even community colleges near you and see what they offer.

Big Brothers Big Sister (BBBS) programs are located all across the word and it gives your child that big sibling they’ve always wanted. Personally experiencing the BBBS myself, I was a Big Sister for a couple years and I’d pick my sister up, we’d have picnics, go skating. If your child is involved with this program, they will probably get picked up once or twice a week and go on an outing. They also offer different camp activities.

The YMCA  offers different programs and activities for youth with the hopes of building “human community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation for the fullness of life for all creation.” There’s numerous ways to keep your children off the street and into something productive. Check your city’s website and see what all there is to offer. It isn’t impossible to keep your child safe during the summer, you just have to search, seek and find.