Only Cowards Run


I can’t even begin to count how many friends, peers, neighbors and strangers I’ve seen die due to violence in South Bend. It only seems to get worse as time goes by. The first thing I hear people say or see people type is ‘South Bend is a dead end, South Bend isn’t safe, I have to get me and my kids out of here.” This comes from the same people who talks crazy on Facebook and act tough in public, but one of your friends die and the first thing you want to do is run? What is running going to do for you? Where will it lead you to?  I suggest you help prevent things like this from happening to other innocent people again. Its true it is the police duty to protect us, but they can’t do that with our help.  I know that not all cops are good cops, but you never know until you. Right?  Violence is a public health issue, because it affects not only the victims, but their family & friends and their community as well. It’s already obvious that gun laws won’t decrease violence because there always seem to be away around them, and if a person wants a gun, they’ll get one- whether they steal it or pay an extremely high price for it. So, the question is where to begin? Those who have pull in the city  and is popular can begin it all. They can speak to people, inform them that isn’t route to go. Maybe we can look into a crisis hotline, a number people can call 24/7 when they’re going to something, which may be contemplating murder. Talk to your loved ones, remind them how important life is. There is so much we can do as city to decrease the violence, but we need a place to start, we need a person who wouldn’t mind taking a stand. When it comes to parties and music, everyone is quick to volunteer to make moves, but who can we call on it our time of need? Especially when a lot officers haven’t gained the trust of the public. If no one else will tell you, I will running is for cowards. You can’t run from your past. So stand up and take a chance, you never know, you just may save a life which  will save millions of tears and hundreds of broken hearts.


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