Yes, I feel In Love- But Its Not What You Think

Yes, I feel In Love- But Its Not What You Think

I usually eschew topics focused on sex, men, women and their “instruments.” Communicating with my friends of different sexes, I’ve realized that men and women are no longer falling in love with the person because of who they are and what they stand for. They’re falling in love with their partners baby making tools instead. A man can make a woman very obsequious ( and vice verse) if he puts ‘it’ down- the right way of course. Women cut of their friends, men will flaunt, flash and spend all of their money on these women, and it isn’t because they’re in love with one another, but because the person knows how to work what the Lord blessed him or her with.
As you’ve seen me say before sex is popular and it gets people going- literally. It’s not like it’s a esoteric topic, all adults and most kids knows what it is, but not everyone allows themselves to fall in love with it. Women and Men alike, probably go through a whole slew of people before they find what they’re looking for. Falling in love with penises and vagina’s is easy to avoid. Don’t have sex with them until after you know them. If you have sex first and get to know them later you’ll be in a mess of trouble- all kind of secrets and skeletons are probably overflowing their closet. Just think, how amazing would it be if people fell in love, not in sex? Think about it.


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