“Lets Talk About Sex Baby”

Sex, sexo, sexe, cekc- no matter what country or language you say it in sex still means one thing. Sex is a sexually motivated phenomena or behavior. These days people take advantage of their vaginas and penises and use sex as a game instead of a way to show their love and affection for one another. There are so many things that reference sex in todays society, everything from movies, to music to games and even commercials.

Media portrays sex as something fun and exciting. When it seen in music videos done by celebrities and sexy backup dancers it wheels kids in. When it’s seen on shows such as Secret Life of a American Teenager, it wheels teenagers in. They see these adults portraying teenagers living young, wild and free and they want glimpse of that life- until they learn that everything that glitters isn’t gold and TV glitters up everything. Most of these characters that were featured in this series had sex drives that were intractable.

Dancing is one of the most provocative actions that leads to sex-juking, twerking, grinding, bumping- all these involves the thrusting of body parts against one another. The issue with our society is everyone is so against teen pregnancy, yet they promote it any and every time they can. Celebrities want to tell teens to do the right thing- go to college, get a education, sex can wait, yet in their music, videos and performances everything they preach to kids goes out the window.

Kids in middle school are even have sex now, the fact that 5th graders are mixed with 8th graders introduces kids to sex earlier than they usually would be introduced to the topic. The bad thing about sex is that’ll it will alway be around effecting on your youth and making it tempting for them to test the waters.

Sex sales and with all devices and social networks kids has access to makes it difficult to monitor their every move. Trying to keep them away from these things is like trying to stick to diet- it’s easier said than done.


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