SBCSC: Why Are We Failing?


Being a substitute teacher, I interact with hundreds of kids a week. I work at schools like Navarre Intermediate Center, Harrison Primary Center and Riley High School. In each of these schools I always noticed different things about each of these students. I’ve subbed for a teacher at Harrison on three or four different occasions, there is the cutest child in the class who we’ll call Amber- she’s 6-years old and repeating Kindergarten for the second time and it’s not because she doesn’t have the skills and knowledge to move on, but because she only learns at school. Her mother doesn’t work with her at home and Amber told me how she can never do homework because her mother always throws her books and homework and her library books in the trash. This girl head was infested with lice and her appearance was always unkempt. Amber was always shy and quiet each time I was her teacher and seen her in the hall.

When I first began working for SBCSC I was a paraprofessional. I worked at Brown and Riley with children who either had a learning disability or who were diagnosed MR. While at Riley, I learned that the kids weren’t being pushed to their  full capabilities. They were doing second grade level work, the teachers didn’t seem to care about them and they weren’t treated equally. Even while at specials the students spent each day walking around the track, they didn’t do anything else just walk; sometimes they would stop to watch the kids downstairs play basketball, volleyball, kickball, redrover or whatever activity the teacher had planned for the day. Even then when they stopped they were yelled at.

I didn’t do paraprofessional for long, I soon became a substitute and worked with the students who the schools considered “normal.” Even then, I noticed issues with both the way schools were ran and how the teachers methods were failing. There are teachers who give students tons of work to, but don’t always explain how each assignment should be completed. So when I’d go in a classroom I’d have to refresh memory to understand what they were doing in order to help them. Even then It’d sometimes take me one class period to get through the  reading so I can explain to the students the assignment in simpler terms meaning my first period students grades would suffer because of lack of understanding.

Then there are teachers who give their students more busy work then brain work. Students will do coloring activities, crosswords, word searches, etc all day instead of things that can actually challenge their mental.

South Bend Community School Corporation was given a overall grade of D. Although I primarily work only at Riley, Navarre and Harrison, prior to remaining at these schools I’ve worked at all of the others at least once, sometime even more. I’ve seen how each school operate and the challenges they give the kids, so I wasn’t surprised to see that our school corporation is failing. Besides the traditionals (Tarkington, Hamilton, LaSalle and Kennedy) who all received A’s, (Tarkington B+) every other school in South Bend received grades of D’s.

Teachers, Principals and other school officials try to blame the students and their parents for these issues. The fact is the problem is deeper than parents not wanting to helping their child, because if that was so every school in South Bend wouldn’t be failing as whole. The issue is also due to the teachers not giving their all to students, a child can tell when a teacher doesn’t like them and gets frustrated with them. This causes children to get frustrated in return and maybe even feeling embarrassed  to speak up in class or ask a question. Some teachers inadvertently makes children feel this way some don’t.

Parents and school officials alike need to hearken, when it comes to students. Focus on what they need help on and help them. If their issues with school aren’t solved, it may impair them and their future.

SBCSC is inchoate and they can’t seem to do what it takes control their students and teach them. Our school system is in jeopardy and we all must take a stand and do something to improve our school system as a whole and each student grade individually. Some students are categorized as intractable, but they’re innocuous. This is not just one person fault, it’s everyone who’s involved with the schools and not doing as they should fault. To see what each school received and a closer look at the school system follow the link below.



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