Film Review: Flowers in the Attic

If any of you are LMN fans, like myself, then you were just as anxious as I was to see the long awaiting film, Flowers in the Attic. The film, which is based off a V.C Andrews novel, titled the same, promotes abuse, incest, murder and deceit.

It’s seems as if the Dollanganger family has it all, that is, until the father of the family unexpectedly dies and the family is forced move in with Mrs. Dollanganger’s parent’s in their mansion in Virginia. That’s when the saying, “what’s done in the dark, always come to light,” is applicable. The children quickly learn their father was also their great uncle and their mother is also their cousin. Confusing, right? The point of them going to the home of their grandparents (whom they never knew existed) was to wait on their grandfather to die. Therefore their mother could claim what was in the will and allow them to live happily and wealthy ever after.

The entire mood of the film is a bit annoying, most viewers were most likely expecting to the mother fighting for her children and well-being. Then again, what mother would bring her children to place knowing they’ll have to suffer, it’ll be a lot healthier and easier for her to get a job and care for her family.

Then there is the fact that the children were pretty much naive and nonchalant from the beginning of the film all the way up until the last five minutes of the movie. I thought their mother had the best intentions for them after she was beat, but once she changed her actions and let the money make her, I knew it’d only go downhill from there.

This movie lacks reality, usually in film we’d something that can be relatable to the mass majority of Americans, but I’m afraid only a small percentage, if that can relate to this film. There were too many issues, and it made the entire film to be morally wrong. Maybe in the sequel Petals on the Wind, they can attempt to win their audience back.


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