He Said What… Lies

“Sexy,” “lil mama,” “baby girl,” “ma.” How have men tried to gain your attention? These are terms men like to use to let a woman know he’s interested her.
In todays day and age, men don’t know how to properly approach women. Can you even remember the last time a man approached you with; “hello my name is _____” or “excuse me, can I have a moment of your time..” Has that ever happened to you? I can on one hand how many times I’ve been approached by a man with great ethics. The thing is we women are so use to men running game upon approaching us that when a man comes at us with some respect, we automatically assume there full of games (FOS). Well, I do.
So the question how do we tell these men apart? Its hard to do so, because we’ve all came across men who can make up a fantastic lie in .5 seconds, who’ll have GF and maybe a wife but swear before their kids they’re single, their lies can be phenomenal. Well I have my own rules that I abide by when it comes men.
-Approaching: I’ve never really gave a guy a chance who came to me when some cliche terms and quotes… Someone who really wants your attention won’t be paraphrasing a line Will Smith used back in the 90s- we all know he had game! Im not saying the man have to recite a self written introductory poem, but don’t fall for bull.
– Spousing It Up: Men lie, women lie, a white lie is okay sometimes but lying about serious things such as significant others is pushing it; like really pushing it! So get to know this man, watch him with his phone, when he calls and texts you check the time! Are the hours appropriate or is it booty call hours?
-Eye Contact: I know I said men can look dead in your eyes and lie, but still hold that contact, let him know your on to him… He will probably look away or do something with eyes; basically telling you he’s lying! Good face to face conversations and eye contact can go a long way.
As far as trying to spot a mans game-the signs and signals are never ending. On top of that men are also out for SEX- thats another story, for another day. Until then- just watch out his signs, he’ll tell on hisself before you ever learn he’s lying, just keep your eye open.


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