Green VS Minix: Why is this a Issue?


Something that has been filling up both my FB and Twitter pages for nearly a week (maybe longer) is how Washington High School student; Bre’onda Green ’punched’ Oregon-Davis student Lexi Minix. To be more specifically WSBT says; “Green punched Minix after the two had a brief physical exchange.” There are a few things I find wrong with this quote; for example there wasn’t a physical exchange prior to Green ‘punching’ Minix. Minix was upset because she was fouled (something seen every day in sports) and elbowed Green. Green reacted off of self-defense, but she didn’t punch Minix as everyone in the media claims, she simply pushed or muffed her in the back of the head. This is the second thing media twisted up. described punch as ”to hit with a sharp blow of the fist.” Green never made a fist; she pushed Minix, with an open NOT closed hand. But leave it to the media to depict and defame people.

What’s ironic about this whole story is that Green is looked at as the bad person. Fumes were already burning and the game was intense, so when Minix elbowed Green it was most likely out of anger and frustration. Green was probably frustrated as well, but the fact of the matter is she didn’t hit Minix first. So I ask why is Green the only one in the media looked down on and frowned upon. Is it because her ethnicity? Race should have nothing to do with this, but that’s one of the first things many people bring up… I’ve seen comments such as; “typical black person,” “what could you expect from someone of her kind,” the comments only get worse and nasty. Some people even decided to throw WNBA basketball player, and former WHS student Skylar Diggins into the story saying she acted the same way in high school, and she was provoking the situation. Diggins said she was shouting at the referees. Of course the media is leading audiences to believe that she was promoting violence. Typical.

As I WHS graduate myself, I know how many people dislike Washington and they’re just waiting on McCullough or one of his students to mess up or make some kind of mistake. This seems to be more about the school, and not the student. Do I think Green should be punished? No, I don’t, she was acting in self-defense! But the bigger questions what is Minix punishment? He father is the coach of the team, so maybe he’ll be lenient. Everyone is so worried about Green, she didn’t start the altercation with Minix, and she didn’t provoke Minix. So why is she the center of attention and even worse being compared to Sharkeisha?


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