New Year, New Me? Probably Not

The clock is quickly ticking, and 2014 is upon us. We all have certain expectations that were looking forward to, whether it be a big move, graduation, career, child, etc. Something fresh and new that’ll make a difference in our lives. Let’s not begin the year with the cliché quote “new year, new me.” That’s doing nothing but lying to yourself. Start your year off right, make amends, say “I love you,” say “I’m sorry,”  and be with those people who mean the most to you when the ball drops.

We all lost loved ones this year unannounced and may they all continue to Rest in the heavens above, you may have not gotten the chance to say good bye or I love you before they left. We don’t want to make the same mistakes in 2014; let’s become closer as a nation, as a culture, as a race and as a family. It’s 2014, let’s not say new year, new me; this is not to say don’t change yourself for the best, but let’s work on loving one another and coming together as whole and change our world. Happy New Year Everyone and may God bless you all in more ways than in 2014! Much Love.


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