Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself


20131121-150115.jpg It’s been two years since I first made this blog and so much has changed since then. This is just basically a reintroduction to LaQuesha Williams! For starters I’m 24 years old and a college graduate from Indiana University South Bend. I majored in Mass Communications and minored in Film Studies. Although I haven’t landed the job of my desire yet, Im still holding my head high and praying everyday. Before the end of this year, my screenplay “Resurfaced” will be in several people hands and I have a good feeling about this. In January I will begin writing for Aristocratic Journalism and Ill also begin working on my Masters in Journalism.
I thank everyone who reads, shares, like, etc my writings and it really means a lot. Ive learned there are people who read, but don’t leave feedback, I want to encourage you all to leave feedback, especially negative. Be on the lookout for me, I assure you all, this is just a beginning for me. Im off to a rough start, but I won’t give up. Once again thank you all.


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