Why Settle When You Deserve Much More?

Why Settle When You Deserve Much More?

There is no doubt, life doesn’t come easy- unless you’re an heir and/or born with a silver spoon, and even then there are still some issues to face. The fact that life is hard doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than what you deserve. Or does it? People settle for several different things, for several different reasons in life. Sometimes these people don’t realize they’re settling. They’re just so use to the norm, that they forget what they deserve. Then there are those people who are just tired of trying. One woman, who wants to remain anonymous, explains why she chooses to settle at this time in her life.
“Honestly, yes I have been settling as far as my relationship goes. I know I can do better, but I be getting horny and I’m not about to go out her and screw some random guy and catch a disease. I been with him for almost three years and haven’t caught anything. I’m not the only one he be with, but at least I know who he be with and that he be careful. I got needs and he satisfies them s***s like no other. I guess I’m just a horny mother*****r. But I’m going to get me a scholar one. It ain’t going to be about the sex. We gone take our time and get to know one another. ‘Brenda’ (one of her sisters) said she sees some guy sweeping me off my feet in no longer than two years. That would be sweet. I don’t consider my relationship a waste of time because it’s taught me what not to go after and that everything that glitters ain’t gold and take your time when you’re liking someone and not jump in head first… You know?” This is a single mom, with a full time job and who is also going to school working on her Bachelor’s degree. So she doesn’t always have time to really date and find trust in a new man. Is this a reliable excuse for her to go beneath what she really desires and deservers? Reader, Sharrie Wright, would most likely say “no,” she believes that settling in a person begins with the person parents, or someone who raised them and they looked up to. “Sometimes, I think that it’s all they know, referring to seeing there parent’s relationship or others they grew up knowing. Also, love plays a major part; a lot of people put that perfect man front on until they got you in that corner. And love got you too blind to leave.” If our anonymous reader chose to settle because of what she seen, then it’s likely those who look up to her may develop the same trait.
Most people like Shawnna Renae, believes those who settle, do so because that’s all they feel like they deserve; “they honestly feel that, that is all they really do deserve, because if you thought you deserved more than that, you would do what you could to get that.” Aja Ellington would agree with Renae, she says she’s not yet where she wants to be in life, but she has no intention on settling. “Five years from now I will own my home. I will have Master’s in social work, my children will be in a good private school. I will be working in my career field of course, while building a plan to open my own counseling facility for youth. I will never settle. I will strive to provide the best possible life for my children and myself. If God sends me a man so be it. I will be open for marriage and possibly one more child… Five years from now I will be comfortable.”
Everyone has the potential to achieve each and every dream they desire. Settling should never be incorporated with dream and life. Maurica Plump-Williams says she keeps all her faith in the man above and sometimes people lose their faith. She insist that no matter what you continue to P.U.S.H “Pray Until Something Happens.”
Ironically after getting several peoples opinions and ideas on “settling, a reader shared the following verse with immakingdifferences.com “Do not abandon your dreams.” No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” Isaiah 54:17. When it comes to settling, the saying “different strokes, for different folks” becomes relevant. Several different people have their own take as to why they do or don’t settle.


2 thoughts on “Why Settle When You Deserve Much More?

  1. Every article continues to blow my mind. I believe 80% settle. Especially if they find stability in their partner. Someone to help them keep a stable home, steady income, make beautiful babies even if they don’t get along, etc.
    I’m married. When I ask myself if I settled or why I married my husband I refrain from believing I settled. I’m very content with my husband. We live comfortably. We are happy. We are in love. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and for the feedback. I agree with you. So many people settle just because its convenient or because the two had a baby together, and they feel obligated to be with that person. Im happy you’re happy and chose not to settle. Life has to much to offer us all, we should never have to stoop to settling.

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