SBCSC Educational System

SBCSC Educational System

I became a substitute teacher in December of 2010. Technically, on my first day working for South Bend Schools, I did paraprofessional, which is working with students who either has learning disabilities or some other kind of mental disorder. This was at Riley High School and this is when I was reminded that SBCSC wasn’t pushing their students to their full potential.
From the time I began Kindergarten, all the way up to my senior year in high school I was always a ‘member’ of the SBCSC. During the time I was in school I always thought that we had a great school system, mainly because I was on the inside, not the out looking in. I first realized that SBCSC wasn’t all they said it to be when I began college. So many times, my senior year teachers would say; “We’re just trying to prepare you for college…” I began college and realized SBCSC and Washington High School didn’t prepare me for anything. I basically tossed out everything they “taught” me and started all over. Up until 2010, I forgot all about SBCSC and the neglecting to their students.
I first knew there was an issue because these students at Riley were doing first grade level work. I know that these students have disabilities, but surely they’re capable of doing something above first grade work. Then the students stay in that same class each of their years in high school, and they are basically doing the same thing every year. Why? Maybe it’s because teachers are too lazy to change their curriculum? There is only one Special Ed class at this school and all students, no matter what year they are in high schools are tossed in this room where they remain all day. These students only other activity they have is gym, where they spend the entire talking walking around the track, while “normal” kids are downstairs in the gym playing sports and doing other fun and exciting things. Another activity these students are forced to do is clean transparencies for the other teachers in the school. This is considered a class.
Since my time at Riley, I worked at dozens of other Primary Centers, Intermediate Centers and High Schools in South Bend. I’ve seen that these kids aren’t on the level they should be on. Recently I subbed for a second grade class, there was a little boy who was singing and rapping songs, but he couldn’t read or spell his name. I don’t think the problem was he didn’t want to, because when I sat down with him and worked with him, he was ready and willing to learn. So, for situations like this, can we honestly blame the teachers? This student obviously didn’t learn the lyrics to “Versace, Versace” at school and his parents should also help their son read and spell his name. At that same school, I was a Kindergarten teacher and the students were well advance and knew a lot. I have no complaints there, but weeks later I went to a different school working with first graders and they were doing the same work as my Kindergartens. Several of Kindergarten students had more talent than these first graders. These are just some of the many issues I come across while subbing. I have nieces, nephews and cousins involved with the SBCSC and I want them to get best education possible. I wonder if that is even possible in South Bend. And can we fully blame the teachers? Parents are also to blame. There are parents who set no ground rules for their kids. I had a student in first grade that kept falling asleep because he said he didn’t go to bed until midnight. There are parents who are more worried about the significant other and what’s going on in the streets and how their kids appearance that they do about their education.
There is an issue within South Bend Community School Corporation, teachers aren’t pushing students how they should be and if they decide a student is too much to deal with, they toss them in a Best class. That’s not helping the student or their situation. We can’t completely blame SBCSC, because parents play the biggest role in their kids’ education, but not all parents have the knowledge to even help their child. There was a woman who couldn’t even help her Kindergarten daughter with her homework. So where do they turn to next?


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