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Men & Cheating… What Do They Have In Common? Pt. I

For years, both men and women have cheated on their significant others. In situations like these, some people try to work things out, but others rather call it quits. It’s a proven fact, that in comparison to both sexes, men are the worse, when it comes to infidelity. In fact, 98 percent of men admitted to fantasizing and having sex with someone other than their partners.

According to NBC’s iVillage, every 1 in 5 adults (22 percent) in a monogamous relationship has cheated on their partners. This percentage increases when dealing with married men. Although men know cheating is deleterious for their marriages and families, they still indulge in cheating, because according to a study done at Texas A&M University men have stronger impulses than women. “It’s male’s stronger sexual impulse–and not their lack of self-control that could be to blame,” Paul Eastrick said. So many times women of all different races, has given their own, but very similar diatribes as to why they believe men cheat, a popular excuse being “he can’t keep ‘it’ in his pants.” Eastrick may have confirmed that the popular statement is true. “When it came to self-control, there was no discernible difference between men and women…Cheating most often occurs when men fail to utilize their self-control and give in to their sexual impulses instead.” Eastrick agreed with women in this statement admitting that self-control is equivalent for men and women, men just give into their sexual impulses quicker than women.

Sometimes men can control their sexual impulses, but they get tired of the norm, and thinking sleeping with another woman will make them feel better about themselves. It’s quite the contrary. Men can blame impulses all they want, but it’s more to it than that why men seek sex from other women.

In the video is a clip from a Dr. Phil episode when a man admitted cheating on wife if eight years over 70 times with at least 20 different women. His excuse was that his needs weren’t being met. He also said they he only married her because they have children together. Take a look:

Women like the woman featured in this clip claim to stay with the men because of their children. For children to see their parents in that predicament isn’t good for them, because they may pick up the same traits.

It’s never easy to tell decipher if someone is a cheater in the beginning stages of the relationship, but Dr. Phil does give advice on how to spot cheaters.


Who Influences Our Youth?

ImageMany people, whether they’re a child, teenager or even an adult are influenced by what they see in the media. Often times there is more negative than positive influencers revealed to the public. Individuals in the public take what they see and run with it, trying to incorporate it in their own lives, which is usually never a good idea.

A big issue within our world is that celebrities are held to a higher standard than the rest of us. People who don’t know any better will look up to these celebrities because that is all they know and see. I personally blame  celebrities for a lot of the drama seen within our world today. These men and women know that they have millions of people of various ages  looking up to them, but  that never stops them from acting ignorant and constantly causing scenes.

A prime example would be the hundreds of celebrities who’ve had verbal and physical attacks in the public eye. Everyone from Biggie and Tupac, Drake and Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim, Mel Gibson and Joe Eszterhas, Madonna and Lady Gaga, this list can go on for pages. These people have the biggest impact on the public, but they use their fame in a very disturbing manner.

So my question is why do people hold these stars up to a higher standard then they do any other person? These are the same people who fill the youth heads up with nonsense involving sex, drugs, etc., and yet so many people idolize them.

Sometimes people are simple minded and don’t what’s considered good for the public verses what isn’t. On the  outside looking in, it seem like there are more negative influences, than positive ones, but that is everything but true. There are so many people who do good and positive things in our world, but they don’t get as much attention as those people who sale sex, drugs and maybe even their souls.

Chances are that positive things will never be as popular as the negativity things. Another question I’d like to know the answer to is: How can WE teach youth right from wrong or good from bad when all they see is bad?

Is Life Passing You By? Take Action

Is Life Passing You By? Take Action

So many times, people have said; “Life is too short to waste on meaningless things.” Most people like myself, agree with this saying. As many should already know, we can’t pick and choose when we want to leave this world, so we might as well live each day like it’s our last. Right?
Speaking from personal experience, it’s hard to try different things when it comes to living life. Whether it’s riding a bike for the first time, traveling to a different country, sky diving, etc. it’s all a part of living life and taking chances. A child know there is a risk of them falling flat on their face when first attempting to ride a bike. Someone knows of or seen in films, when traveling abroad takes a horrible turn and there are facts and evidence of people who died from sky diving. We all know the risk of trying and experience new things, but that should never stop us from having these experiences. After all, if it’s meant for us to go, there is no escaping it.
I guess I can say I grew up sheltered. I wasn’t oblivious to what was going on in our world, but I wasn’t as “street smart” as other people I knew. Because of this I was afraid to try new things. It could be from going to one of the crazy popular parties, that anyone who was in school in South Bend between 2003-2008 (give or take) should know about or maybe just getting on the highway with friends for a road trip. I had issues with becoming involved with such activities. This wasn’t because I was afraid too, I really just didn’t want to try new things. I didn’t do the partying that most people my age enjoyed doing.
Each of my four years in high school, someone was murdered. By the time I was senior I realized that I didn’t want to live a closed and boring life. I want to have awesome memories with people that I care about. The day that I finally leave this world, I want people to look at some pictures and just smile and with an awesome memory of me in their mind.
In comparison to others lives, I still live a boring life, but to me, its fine for now. I have changed 100 percent since high school; my personality, my spirits, me mentality and my image. I’m no longer afraid to try new things. Not only for the experience of it all, but just to say to I did it. As I stated before, we can’t say who’ll be here tomorrow or even in the next couple hours. Too many people are dying young without being able to achieve their dreams and/or goals. I laugh, joke and smile every day. I’m making sure I’m going to achieve as many goals and experiences as I can before I say my finally good bye. Life is too short to waste it on people who don’t believe in you, jobs that won’t benefit you, cities, that aren’t made for you and unattended goals, which are waiting for you.
If you still don’t understand the moral of this story by now, I’m just saying take chances, take risk, go for all dreams and achieve them, there is a way you can have fun living life while still being responsible.