Family of Life

When I hear the word family, a few other words comes to my mind as well. Crazy, dysfunctional, drama, insane, fake and phony. But when I look back at all the memories and good times I’ve shared with these “dysfunctional” people I realize there are several other words that defines us. Caring, smart, educated, backbone and of course love. I know I would never choose a different group of people to call my own. Each person in my family are just as in any others in you all families. We have the one who talks a lot of crap, the one who thinks they’re better than any other, the show off💸💳💰,the dramatic ones😱, the ones who eat and leave🏃🍲, the smelly one, the one with the bad attitude, the one with the hard headed and “fast” kids and of course the ones who tells nothing but lies. We notice these issues, but we learn to accept them and still show them love, no matter what. If you have any issues with your people, let it go. A family bond should be tighter and stronger than any other issues you all have. As we all know, life is short, don’t waste your time competing, arguing or envying one another. Just think that could’ve been your sister or cousin being hit by a 🔫stray bullet. It could have been your mom in a car accident 🚑or your auntie with cancer. It could have been anyone of your family members that God took away, but he didn’t. He gave all of us more time to stop the drama and let it go. So from me to you, embrace those that you love and let them know how you feel. As many has said before me, “tomorrow isn’t promised… to any of us.”



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