Violence: Its More Than South Bend

Violence: Its More Than South Bend

With all drama seen is South Bend, I often hear people say “I need to get me and my family out of South Bend.” I laugh to myself whenever I hear these statements or read them on a social network. South Bend is a small city, but homicides has decreased this year, which is a good thing. But the fact that people think they can move to a different and bigger city and find something different is amusing.
Ever since I can remember, someone I went to school with, lived in a neighborhood with or just knew or heard of through mutual friends has died almost every year since my freshmen year at Washington H.S. These deaths not only had an effect on me, but my friends, families, classmates, peers, pretty much our entire city. It’s a sad thing to see people you’ve known and grown up with to suddenly die. Instead of people in our city trying to take a stand, they want to run away from what they know and secretly love. After the recent deaths of 20-year old Ja’Rina Bailey and 29-year old Dominque Jackson, I’ve seen and heard people talk about moving away from their home again.
A Facebook user updated their status after the shooting; “See, this is why I’m moving outta South Bend BC of ignorant mfs running around shooting with no remorse…smh…not realizing that they’re hurting more than the person/people they’ve shot, but their families too.” Several statuses like this one continue to fill me news feed. These statuses are from men and women who knew these victims, and yet instead of taking a stand they choose to run.
What I find ironic about situations like this is that they will fight for justice for a young man way in Florida, but when it comes to someone in their hometown, the first thing they say is they have to go.
It’s befuddling that these adults think that they can move to a new city with new people and not see these same situations occurring. We see it every day on TV. From Indiana to Illinois to New York to Florida to Georgia. You can’t run or hide from it. Truth is, this is the norm, some babies, kids, teens, men and/or women get shot and it’s just normal in today’s day and age.
If you really care and really want to help, don’t run, take a stand. If you know something, speak out on it. If you want to make a change and want your voice heard, join an organization; come together with people in your community and try to prevent this from happening again. The number one thing that can be done is start talking! People don’t want to be labeled a snitch, but what if it was your sister, brother, uncle, mother, father, etc. Wouldn’t you want someone to say something? Don’t run from what you know, take a stand and make a difference.


2 thoughts on “Violence: Its More Than South Bend

  1. A recent rash of shootings on Lincolnway West that left 2 young people dead has shocked and saddened the entire community. The police has termed these ugly acts as “gang-related”.and this should sadden us even more. The fact that our young people can find no other organization that speaks to and identifies with them except a “street nation” is a sad commentary on our state of affairs. What’s even worse is that they learned this behavior from their elders, their government and their religion.

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