Every day in the United States more than five children die due to child abuse and/or neglect. That’s 1,825 kids dying in a year. We all know of or hear about a child being abused and/or killed at least once a week in our local news or social network. In many of these cases, the abuse is reported to Social Services and Child Protective Services but nothing is done to protect these kids.
Nina Koistinen, of Phoenix, Arizona and mother of nine, killed her six day old daughter Maya Koistinen, by suffocating her. Prior to killing her baby, Koistinen contacted CPS telling them she wanted to smother her kid. She also made statements about causing a car crash so that her children could go to heaven. Despite Koistinen telling CPS officials about her ideas, her children remained in her custody.
Another woman, Bambi Glazebrook of Indianapolis, Indiana killed her two month old son, Phillip. Glazebrook kept her son in a drawer for days without feeding him. This eventually led to his death. Glazebrook had already lost three children to CPS and she was still allowed to keep Phillip and two other children in her home. In this case CPS was contacted and informed on the children’s living habits prior to Phillips death and nothing was done to save these children. A witness said CPS came to the home, but when no one answered the door, the case was closed.
A few miles from Indianapolis in South Bend, Indiana was the case of Tramelle Sturgis who was beaten to death by his father Terry Sturgis. Tramelle and his siblings were beaten for years by their father (whom had custody of the children) and his mother. The neighbors of the Sturgis family contacted CPS and South Bend Police Department numerous times. Still nothing was done to prevent these beating. This is only three of the millions of child abuse and neglect cases which led to the death of a child. In 2010 1,537 children died because they were abuse and/or neglected. The number has increased since then. Every year 600 million reports are made reporting child abuse. Social service providers: 60% (teachers 16.4%; law enforcement 16.7%; social service 11.5%) Anonymous (9%), other relatives of the child (7%), parents (6.8%), and friends or neighbors of the child (4.4%) made up the remaining total. Child abuse can and always should be reported and looked into. Authorities may go to a home and see no signs of abuse and close the case. That shouldn’t be how the system work. The children should be taken from the home immediately until an investigation is completed. This may be time consuming and even expensive, but it’s all worth it; even if only saves one child life. If you suspect some you know, or don’t know is abusing their children, report immediately, continue to report and harass the authorities until something is done. It’s bad enough we’re losing our kids to gun violence, bombers, and enraged ‘mentally ill’ gun men. We don’t need to lose them to the people who are supposed to love and care for them the most.
If you want to know more about child abuse and what to do if you suspect, or even lend a hand and help children from abused and neglected, visit http://www.preventchildabuse.org/index.php.


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