Every woman, no matter if they’re White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. all say they want a good man, who will treat them right. They want or “need” a man who is romantic and wants to someday get serious and/or married and they want him to be a great father. This list can go on and on. The issue with some of these women is that they want so much from a man, that sometimes their wants and needs can seem unrealistic. 

Something that’s seen very often with women who claim to want a good and stable man, is that these women are presumptuous. Women will say they want a good man with an education, steady job, etc. and yet they go seeking for these men two times or more a week at a night club. The only thing a woman can find for sure in the club is drama and a ‘baby daddy’ and only if their lucky, that relationship will become serious one day. These same women will sleep around with several different men and then get upset when they are referred to as a hoe. What exactly do these women expect, to be respected?

Another issue seen amongst women is that they will let a man ‘run’ them. A woman, let’s call her Olivia complains about her children’s fathers doing her wrong and disrespecting her in front of his friends and their daughter. Yet, she continues to do favors for him and will drop everything for him if he needs her. Olivia claims to want respect from this man, but she continues to stand by him even after he disrespected her verbally, mentally and physically. Not only should he longer have anything else to say to her unless it involves their daughter, but she is also showing her daughter that it’s okay to let a man hit you and still be by his side and have respect for him. This same woman is now is a new relationship with an okay guy. This man, like every other person in the world has flaws. But his flaws are to the point where she should no longer be involved with him. His main problem seem to be being in a relationship. Funny, right? He wants Olivia to act the part and be his woman when it’s convenient to him, but he doesn’t want to be her man. Olivia’s boyfriend come and goes as he pleases, he rarely wines and dines her and takes her out. She doesn’t like he that acts this way, and she tells him that. But since she always let these issues go, she letting him get away with it and allowing him to treat her badly.

Then there are those women who says “all the good men are taken, or they no longer exist.” These are the women who takes advantage of the men in their lives and becomes blind when a real man is in their lives. Women must learn that they have to prove themselves to men, just as they want men to prove himself to her. You want him to prove that he’s for you and that he loves you, but you’re not even doing the same for him.

Women must learn that they won’t have the perfect man or relationship. If everything is perfect then something must be wrong. To those of you complaining about men, step outside your life and relationships and reevaluate them. You may learn that you let your once in a lifetime man get away or that he’s been waiting around for you for years. You’ll learn something about yourself as well. Women, not all men are dogs, just don’t expect them to a million things that you can’t even do yourself. And like Lyfe Jennings sung in Statistics “don’t be a nickel looking for a dime.”  



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