Angel in disguise?


  Do you all  believe in angels in disguise? Like God sent someone to test you? Well, I do. Today I went to Walmart to do a little grocery shopping. After I was finished and FINALLY found what seemed like a short line, I got in it. As I wasunloading my things, a elderly woman asked if she could cut in front because all she had was cereal and milk and a sick child in the car. Of course I said yeah. So after she got in front me, she handed me this coin and said “keep it in your pocket, a guardian angel will always be with you.” I was shocked, what I did was common  courtesy. I thanked her and she said “God bless you.” I told my mom about it later that and we came to the conclusion that God was testing me. The woman was a angel is duaguise. What do you all think ok this? Whats your interpretation?


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