You want Respect? Act like It

I often get irritated by some women. Black, White, Hispanic, Indian… Shall I go on? I just want to talk about the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me. So often I hear women say “men are disrespectful.” They can be referring to their boyfriends, the father of their children, their husbands, or just a random guy from a club. My issue with this is women allow this to happen. I personally know women who put themselves ‘out there’ and sleep around with any and every man who will give them the time of day. Yet they get highly upset when a man or anyone else for that matter calls them ‘hoe’ or a ‘whore.’ My advice to you, you hoe is to stop sleeping around. You don’t have to open your legs to any man who offers to buy you food, buy you a drink, take you out, etc. Take things slowly for a change; get to know this person before you lie down with them. On another note, women who are no longer involved with their children fathers get mad and upset when this man disrespect them in front on his family, friends and/or girlfriends. The sad part about this story is they will turn around and be right back in his face a few days later. EXCUSE ME!? Who does that? You are never supposed to let a man treat you in a horrible manner and jump when he needs you. How do ever expect him to respect you know when you allow, yes ALLOW him treat you like s**t. What I find humorous is women try to make up excuses as to why they still stand by this man side. “Oh, he was just going through something” or “I had to do it, he’d do it for me.” My favorite one is “well he apologized.” Then there are those women who will secretly wait, and wait for their “man” to call them. They get ignored for days at a time, but when he’s ready for you, he calls you and your all bright eyed and bushy tailed letting him come on over. Then you complain about the way he acts and how you treat you. It’s no one’s fault, but your own. I don’t mean to be rude or stolid, but women we have to do better. We have to be better, it’s time to put your foot down and take a stand for yourself. So many of us are so quick to talk about someone else’s relationship, but your relationship is probably equivalent, if not worse than there is. I’m tired of hearing and seeing women complain about the same old’ stuff when it comes to their man and respect. Don’t wine and complain. Do something about it, if he won’t change, move on.


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