You said your name is WHAT?

Do you find it hard to get a job because your name is to ethnic or ghetto? I assure you, you do not stand alone. My first name is LaQuesha, and if I tell you what the rest of it is, you’ll really be in awe. I’ve always been told “your name is ghetto and/or hood.” I’ve also been asked “how you gone get a job with a name like that?” But I’ve always loved my name, despite the negativity. I can proudly admit my name is on H.S diploma, a college degree, several awards and certificates, so why would I be discouraged? My mom even said; “I don’t now what I was thinking when I named you.” I laughed and said “neither do I.” Despite how many stereotpes come with ethnic names, I don’t let my name make me, I make my name. Now when people I know hear the name ‘LaQuesha’ a smile will touch their face. LaQuesha is smart, educated, a hard worker and on top of all that she’s beautiful. So yes my name is LaQuesha, LaQuesha Monique Sharmane Williams. So who’s mad? The moral of this story is if you have a overly ethnic name, it’s A-Okay because your name doesn’t define you, you define it.  This is to all the LaQuesha’s, Shaquita’s, Champange’s, LaQuita’s, etc.


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