Kindergarten Graduate Murdered by Father

Some people say that our world is coming to an end. With the events that has been occurring worldwide, it’s not so hard to believe. So many children are murdered at such young ages. Jonylah Watkins of Chicago, IL was six months when she died of a gun shot wound. Tramelle Sturgis of South Bend, IN was 10-years-old when he was beaten to death by his father. Hadiya Pendleton of Chicago, IL was 15 when she was shot to death. Just a couple a days ago 6-year-old Shirley Mundia was stabbed to death by her own father in South Bend, IN. The father was shot and killed by SBPD when they broke the door down and seen him on top of her putting a knife through her. There had been evidence of domestic violence in the household, but it wasn’t always responded to or handled properly by officers. This is another sad story when a mother has to bury her child. This is not how its suppose to be. To many children are dying young an not enough are living to see adulthood. We all say something has got to change but what? What do we do when the violence is taken place inside of the home where the child lies his or her head every night? We want the new law regarding guns to be intact, but will that really solve anything? There are so many questions that can be asked when it comes to children and death but not enough answers. The first person the public want to blame is Obama, but how we can put blame on him? Its true he is our president or there are only so many things he can accomplish in a term. We need to come together as nation. Be more observant, report things, even if its just a little incident. The police needs to become more involved as well, not just through minor cases to the side. This is all so heartbreaking. Something has to be done by all of us. We can’t expect one man to solve all or our issues. R.I.P Shirley Mundia, fly high baby girl.


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