Can we expect Another Season of HawthoRNe?

ImageJada Pinkett Smith captured our attention the moment we first seen S1E1 of HawthoRNe. She puts her patients first and herself last. We spent 3 years in the life of Christina Hawthorne; we seen her struggle to cope with the death of first husband while raising a teenage daughter and being CNO at Trinity Hospital. We seen her life being turned around by Tom who became her second husband, but then it went downhill for Christina once again after she was attacked outside of the hospital on her wedding night and losing her and Tom’s unborn child. We then seen Christina have an affair with Nick, the man she says was there for her, when her husband wasn’t. The last episode of season 3 ended with Nick being shot. Where do we go from there? We want to know who shot Nick, we want to know the future of Tom’s and Christina relationship? There is so much more tell but apparently not enough time. What all of ‘us’ fans need to do is write to TNT and request them to Bring Back Hawthorne. This will get their attention, and let them know there are still thousands of fans waiting,anticipating what will happen next in the life of Christina.

You can copy and paste my email or write your own. When I get in contact with a corporate member addresss I’ll let you all know so that we can email them too. This is the email I sent: … To whom it may Concern,   My name is __________ and I live in __________. As you may know this is around the time for the last three years when a new season of HawthoRNe premieres. I’m writing you in regards to the cancelled TV Show starring Jada Pinkett Smith. Myself, along with several others are interested in seeing several more seasons of this TV show we would like for you to bring HawthoRNe back. Season 3 left us wondering; “what’s next?” So please if possible please bring back HawthoRNe, preferably with the same actors/actress. If there is anything we need to do, to make this happen, please let me know. Thanks for taking time to read this message. I would like to encouarge all real Hawthorne Fans to please send letters and emails to TNT. If we all work together we can get Hawthorne back on TV.


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