Jada Pinkett Smith Makes A Difference

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself being with family, friends and loved ones. But something isn’t right, maybe you have to move away help with the family income, maybe you were vacationing and got lost. You know don’t what happened or how it did because it all happened so fast. Next thing you know you’re been forced to “turn tricks” or work in a massage polar while giving your customers sexual favors. You are a victim of trafficking. Now open your eyes. Luckily for you, this isn’t your story, your still safe with the people who love you, but what about those who aren’t with their families? Those who no longer wants to live, those who are forced to have sex, drink and pop pills everyday. Those who weren’t as blessed as we are. Jada Pinkett Smith took on the role of being a advocating and make individuals aware of trafficking. In her new video; “Nada” where she appears nude and sing in Spanish about “the darkness of the Majesty.” We see young girls who appear to be sex slave or victims of sex trafficking. Mrs. Smith explains how everyone, no matter ethnicity, social group, class, etc. should become more aware of trafficking so that we may learn and have knowledge of whats going on in our country and surrounding countries as well. It’s hard to know whether someone is forced when you see them on the streets. A lot of them may have fear in their eyes. Be on the lookout and become more aware of trafficking, not only in the US but World Wilde. You can make a difference too.




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