Don’t Stress Yourself


My family and I recently had to scare of a lifetime; my mother began shaking, quite hard, and she was short of breath, so my father decided to take her to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hotel, all of sudden her words were  slurry and she couldn’t talk properly. The doctors diagnosed her with anxiety and gave her a prescription. Two days nothing much had changed, except for the fact that an headache was another symptom she began experiencing. My family and I was so sure she was having several minor strokes because of the symptoms she was having (shakes, slurred speech, numb on left side of her body, headache). Because of my mother recently changing employers, her insurance hadn’t kicked in it, and doctors weren’t exactly understanding, so when we requested a MRI they denied us. My point is after about 5 days she went to see a neurologist and he assured us nothing was wrong with her and she didn’t have risk factors for a stroke except for the fact that she smoke cigarettes. We learned they all of these symptoms came upon her because of stress. I want to make everyone aware of the factors of stressing. Becareful, don’t do too many unnecessary things that will worry you, eliminate negative and worrisome people out your life because they will only make matters worse. Try to walk or do yoga for at least 30 minutes day. Don’t become a victim of stress, get help today. For more info on stress talk and symptoms visit


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