All Inked Up

ImageHow can something so small and simple headline so many social networks and websites. The talk and the gossip has began about Rihanna new tattoo of falcon which she tweeted a picture of on Saturday, the tweet read; “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep.” The problem people have with RiRi’s new tatt is that she got it only 48 hours after fight between exes Drake and Chris Brown at a nightclub in NYC. Some people have their own interpertation of  exactly what the tattoo symbolizes; “While the new ink is a literal image of a falcon, the shape of the bird resembles a gun on Rihanna’s foot!” is what had to say about Riri’s new tatt. Is she trying to make a statement with her new ink regarding the fight between her exes? Or is this just a tattoo Rihanna decided to get just for conversation and and rumors? Is there really even a gun? Riri is one star that always has a way of making herself shine harder. Only Riri herself knows the reall reason behing the ink.





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