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Aging Well?

I’ve been taking a look down memory lane, watching old movies and I noticed how several people take great care of their bodies. Below are some pictures from celebs now and then. How great do they look?ImageImage


Mother Accused of Locking 10-year-old in closet for several days

Earlier today news broke of the 29-year-old mother; Jacole Prince, who allegedly locked her 10-year-old daughter in the closet for several days without; food, water, or a bathroom. When I first heard about I thought it was because she didn’t want kids until I learned Prince also had two other children who from what I know/hear  so far was treated good. Neighbors of Prince didn’t even know she had a 3rd child, the child says she wasn’t allowed to go outside but had to stay in the house at all times, and was even at home alone on a few occasions.

After Prince was arrested, an assumed went to FB and try to explain to the media and public exactly what was going on Prince’s life and why her child was in the closet.

“I am a relative of this child and woman that is being accused of all of these heinous crimes. The story is being spun out of hand and the facts aren’t being properly presented! The mom is not innocent of locking her child in a closet but all of the facts are not being properly presented in any of these news castings. People are jumping to conclusions and assuming false things. For starters, the mom is being accused of not giving her daughter a bathroom to go to when this is simply not true. The child has mental problems and regularly goes to the bathroom on herself daily without ever asking to go to the bathroom. Second, the child has been having medical problems since she was about 4 years old. She was a premature baby and has been having trouble gaining weight all of her life. The child was saw to be malnourished by a hospital in 2006 yet she was fed on a regular basis. The child was not taken away from her mom then and all went well. Third, the child has no bottom to her stomach and continuously eats if her eating habits are not being controlled. This has always been the case. She will drink or eat anything that she can get her hands on including bleach, pinesol or any other sort of dangerous products that can cause harm to the child. She was in fact hospitalized in 2006 for drinking pinesol while her mother’s back was turned while she was cleaning her house. Fourth, The mom has no job or money and is living in a house off of the government. She has been doing odd jobs off and on and she doesn’t get any money to support her child’s mental problems. She has tried to get free mental care for the child but was denied. The only mental help the child has been getting is the one the mom has been trying to administer to her herself. Fifth, The mom has been getting severely abused mentally and physically by her boyfriend for years. She has been battered, controlled, cheated on, and raped(allegedly) by this man on several occasions. He doesn’t buy anything for the oldest child simply because it’s not his, while he does so for the ones that are. It is possible that she simply lost control and couldn’t handle the fact that her daughter had a mental and physical condition that embarrassed her so much. And she was probably mentally unstable during the time she was taking care of the child. Not saying that this is why or that it’s right, but I believe this could be the reason why the child was put in the closet, as to prevent her from accessing anything dangerous in the house while she was away from the house or/and to prevent her from seeing the abuse that was going on in the home. And she most likely left her there because she was too embarrassed and afraid to bring her where ever she needed to go(probably down to the store, which she had no car for). I’m not trying to make excuses for the mom, I am simply trying to spread the truth that the media is not bringing to light. The mom had mental issues, which was caused by years of abuse and not being all the way there in the head herself growing up.”

This family member seems to be adding oil to the fire by giving the public, media, of course the law more reasons to believe that the woman is innocent. There is never a reason to lock a child up in closet, let along leave her home by herself. If the mother had so many issues, than she should’ve gave the child up to someone who could care and love her in a way she didn’t or couldn’t do. This alleged member of Prince family isn’t denying that Prince did anything, but making up excuses as to why Prince did what she did. This woman KNOWS her daughter has disability and yet she chose to leave a bottle of pine-sol in the vicinity where isn’t around to monitor it. If what this family member is saying is true and Prince also had mental issues, than maybe she, being a concerned family member should’ve took the children off her hands for a while. It’s a bit hard for me to believe it though because I don’t the STATE letting this woman keep 3 children knowing she is unstable.This breaks my heart that a woman can be so heartless who her own children. The really sad thing is this doesn’t surprise with the society we’re living in today. Although this concerned family member is trying to look out for a family she isn’t presenting  her case very well, and if she was that concerned she would’ve stepped in sooner. My love goes out to children of Prince, but as far as anyone else is concerned, I won’t judge until I’m presented with more evidence.

The Game: Season 6


Lauren London will joining the cast of The Game for Season 6 while Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall are going different directions. There is no word on who will be  replacing Mowry and Hall, but beside two everyone else from the cast is due to return. I personally didn’t watch this season of the game because of the dry beginning, but I do have every intention on catching up on the entire season while enjoying my lovely Summer break. I wonder whats next for my favorite couple of the popular show.


Can we expect Another Season of HawthoRNe?

ImageJada Pinkett Smith captured our attention the moment we first seen S1E1 of HawthoRNe. She puts her patients first and herself last. We spent 3 years in the life of Christina Hawthorne; we seen her struggle to cope with the death of first husband while raising a teenage daughter and being CNO at Trinity Hospital. We seen her life being turned around by Tom who became her second husband, but then it went downhill for Christina once again after she was attacked outside of the hospital on her wedding night and losing her and Tom’s unborn child. We then seen Christina have an affair with Nick, the man she says was there for her, when her husband wasn’t. The last episode of season 3 ended with Nick being shot. Where do we go from there? We want to know who shot Nick, we want to know the future of Tom’s and Christina relationship? There is so much more tell but apparently not enough time. What all of ‘us’ fans need to do is write to TNT and request them to Bring Back Hawthorne. This will get their attention, and let them know there are still thousands of fans waiting,anticipating what will happen next in the life of Christina.

You can copy and paste my email or write your own. When I get in contact with a corporate member addresss I’ll let you all know so that we can email them too. This is the email I sent: … To whom it may Concern,   My name is __________ and I live in __________. As you may know this is around the time for the last three years when a new season of HawthoRNe premieres. I’m writing you in regards to the cancelled TV Show starring Jada Pinkett Smith. Myself, along with several others are interested in seeing several more seasons of this TV show we would like for you to bring HawthoRNe back. Season 3 left us wondering; “what’s next?” So please if possible please bring back HawthoRNe, preferably with the same actors/actress. If there is anything we need to do, to make this happen, please let me know. Thanks for taking time to read this message. I would like to encouarge all real Hawthorne Fans to please send letters and emails to TNT. If we all work together we can get Hawthorne back on TV.

Jada Pinkett Smith Makes A Difference

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself being with family, friends and loved ones. But something isn’t right, maybe you have to move away help with the family income, maybe you were vacationing and got lost. You know don’t what happened or how it did because it all happened so fast. Next thing you know you’re been forced to “turn tricks” or work in a massage polar while giving your customers sexual favors. You are a victim of trafficking. Now open your eyes. Luckily for you, this isn’t your story, your still safe with the people who love you, but what about those who aren’t with their families? Those who no longer wants to live, those who are forced to have sex, drink and pop pills everyday. Those who weren’t as blessed as we are. Jada Pinkett Smith took on the role of being a advocating and make individuals aware of trafficking. In her new video; “Nada” where she appears nude and sing in Spanish about “the darkness of the Majesty.” We see young girls who appear to be sex slave or victims of sex trafficking. Mrs. Smith explains how everyone, no matter ethnicity, social group, class, etc. should become more aware of trafficking so that we may learn and have knowledge of whats going on in our country and surrounding countries as well. It’s hard to know whether someone is forced when you see them on the streets. A lot of them may have fear in their eyes. Be on the lookout and become more aware of trafficking, not only in the US but World Wilde. You can make a difference too.



Don’t Stress Yourself


My family and I recently had to scare of a lifetime; my mother began shaking, quite hard, and she was short of breath, so my father decided to take her to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hotel, all of sudden her words were  slurry and she couldn’t talk properly. The doctors diagnosed her with anxiety and gave her a prescription. Two days nothing much had changed, except for the fact that an headache was another symptom she began experiencing. My family and I was so sure she was having several minor strokes because of the symptoms she was having (shakes, slurred speech, numb on left side of her body, headache). Because of my mother recently changing employers, her insurance hadn’t kicked in it, and doctors weren’t exactly understanding, so when we requested a MRI they denied us. My point is after about 5 days she went to see a neurologist and he assured us nothing was wrong with her and she didn’t have risk factors for a stroke except for the fact that she smoke cigarettes. We learned they all of these symptoms came upon her because of stress. I want to make everyone aware of the factors of stressing. Becareful, don’t do too many unnecessary things that will worry you, eliminate negative and worrisome people out your life because they will only make matters worse. Try to walk or do yoga for at least 30 minutes day. Don’t become a victim of stress, get help today. For more info on stress talk and symptoms visit

All Inked Up

ImageHow can something so small and simple headline so many social networks and websites. The talk and the gossip has began about Rihanna new tattoo of falcon which she tweeted a picture of on Saturday, the tweet read; “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep.” The problem people have with RiRi’s new tatt is that she got it only 48 hours after fight between exes Drake and Chris Brown at a nightclub in NYC. Some people have their own interpertation of  exactly what the tattoo symbolizes; “While the new ink is a literal image of a falcon, the shape of the bird resembles a gun on Rihanna’s foot!” is what had to say about Riri’s new tatt. Is she trying to make a statement with her new ink regarding the fight between her exes? Or is this just a tattoo Rihanna decided to get just for conversation and and rumors? Is there really even a gun? Riri is one star that always has a way of making herself shine harder. Only Riri herself knows the reall reason behing the ink.