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25 Things Every Woman Should Have By The Time She Turns 25


According to this a few of us (self included) are slacking… And about #23 ummm #NoGo

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. Enough confidence to no longer feel the need to justify what she eats, who she dates or what she wears, not only to other people, but to herself. 

2. A bank account with three months’ living expenses in it.

3. Only the phone numbers, Facebook friends, weekend plans, and roommates she actually wants.

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4. A best friend who is like a sister.

5. A space of her own.

6. A good idea of what she needs in a romantic relationship, not just what she wants, or what she thinks she needs, and the willingness to explore different people and other ideas to find what exactly that is.

7. A closet of what she considers to be her “staples,” and among these things, something to wear to an interview, funeral, wedding, impromptu Friday night drink at a casual bar and dream date if ever someone were to call…

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Dope Chick: MarCista Bew For EyeKisses

Originally posted on SPICEY FELICIA:


I live for women that are doing something great outside of the regular 9-5. we don’t have to be confined to work and then straight home to cook and clean and take care of our kids. But, MarCista is the exception. She does all that and still has time to start her own business EyeKisses, which is an upscale line of 100% Mink or Fox Fur lashes. I had to link up with her and do this interview because I want to know how she did it. She explains it and she also lets women know that they can do it too! She looks like a 15 year old but don’t let her looks fool you, she’s a Boss Lady on the come up!

How did EyeKisses come about?
I have always been a ” Girlie Girl”. I literally can play in make-up all day long. And when I say…

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South Bend Hiring Event

Advanced Inventory Solutions is currently interviewing for part-time Inventory Auditing Specialists. Fill out an application today!

We are looking for team members in the following cities:

South Bend

Inventory Specialists are responsible for counting inventory at customers’ locations with the use of hand held data entry equipment. Also responsible for counting accurately, use of a laser scanner, basic math skills, limited record keeping, and indicating areas counted. Travel in company vehicles to customer’s location provided. Weekend availability is a must. Part-time/first shift.

Paid training
Starts at $9/hour
Paid travel time to customer location
Flexibility in scheduling
Aggressive compensation with advancement


Is Loyalty Owed?

Is Loyalty Owed?

Loyalty means to be loyal to a person, to be faithful to them and to be honest with them, but who deserves loyalty? That bestfriend of 10 years who dated a boy in high school, but still wants him off limits to you? That cousin who will sleep with sleep your childs mother, but says “no fun if the homeboys can’t have none.” Loyalty has been proven to be broken time and time again over the years whether in film, music or reality. That’s why when Chris Brown said “these h–s ain’t loyal,” the world couldn’t help but to agree. Ronald Isley and R.Kelly was some of the first people to display what unloyalty is for the public. They were good friends, but somehow Ron Isley women always found a way into Kelly’s bed. But the question is did Kelly owe Ron something?
There more intense situations when a man/ woman can have their best friend back through thick and thin, they can clothe, feed and shelter this person and yet this same best friend will double cross them in a heartbeat. This brings us back to the question is loyalty owed? Is it earned? Or does it even exist?

Safety First



Whether you live in the south, the east, the midwest or somewhere else in the country, one thing you want to do during the upcoming summer is keep your children safe. The world is violent, especially in urban cities, and as it gets hotter and summer quickly approaches, the violence only increases which often leads to death. For parents who work full time and need their children to be occupied, there are a number of things you can do to keep your child active and out of the streets.

The Boys & Girls Club is located in cities all across world. The club  provides assistance and support to kids in youth program development, resource development, marketing and communications, and more. The facilities offer several different programs. For these programs the age usually varies depending on the program you choose.

In cities such as South Bend, which is known and popular because of Notre Dame, they offer different camps and events for children to do, whether the kids are local or if they’re coming from miles away. So check out local universities, or even community colleges near you and see what they offer.

Big Brothers Big Sister (BBBS) programs are located all across the word and it gives your child that big sibling they’ve always wanted. Personally experiencing the BBBS myself, I was a Big Sister for a couple years and I’d pick my sister up, we’d have picnics, go skating. If your child is involved with this program, they will probably get picked up once or twice a week and go on an outing. They also offer different camp activities.

The YMCA  offers different programs and activities for youth with the hopes of building “human community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation for the fullness of life for all creation.” There’s numerous ways to keep your children off the street and into something productive. Check your city’s website and see what all there is to offer. It isn’t impossible to keep your child safe during the summer, you just have to search, seek and find.

Only Cowards Run


I can’t even begin to count how many friends, peers, neighbors and strangers I’ve seen die due to violence in South Bend. It only seems to get worse as time goes by. The first thing I hear people say or see people type is ‘South Bend is a dead end, South Bend isn’t safe, I have to get me and my kids out of here.” This comes from the same people who talks crazy on Facebook and act tough in public, but one of your friends die and the first thing you want to do is run? What is running going to do for you? Where will it lead you to?  I suggest you help prevent things like this from happening to other innocent people again. Its true it is the police duty to protect us, but they can’t do that with our help.  I know that not all cops are good cops, but you never know until you. Right?  Violence is a public health issue, because it affects not only the victims, but their family & friends and their community as well. It’s already obvious that gun laws won’t decrease violence because there always seem to be away around them, and if a person wants a gun, they’ll get one- whether they steal it or pay an extremely high price for it. So, the question is where to begin? Those who have pull in the city  and is popular can begin it all. They can speak to people, inform them that isn’t route to go. Maybe we can look into a crisis hotline, a number people can call 24/7 when they’re going to something, which may be contemplating murder. Talk to your loved ones, remind them how important life is. There is so much we can do as city to decrease the violence, but we need a place to start, we need a person who wouldn’t mind taking a stand. When it comes to parties and music, everyone is quick to volunteer to make moves, but who can we call on it our time of need? Especially when a lot officers haven’t gained the trust of the public. If no one else will tell you, I will running is for cowards. You can’t run from your past. So stand up and take a chance, you never know, you just may save a life which  will save millions of tears and hundreds of broken hearts.

Happy Birthday Einstein!



Today (March 14) would have been Albert Einstein’s 135th year of life, but as most people know his life ended in 1955 when he was 76. Born in Germany, Einstein was the scientist who created the Theory of Relativity (1905) and the mass-energy equivalence formula. So let’s wish the man who created difficult formulas and equations such as E=mc(2) a happy birthday!

Let’s end on this quote: 

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” 

Age Stipulation on Clothes?

Age Stipulation on Clothes?

Fashion is popular, always has been and always will be. We’ve seen clothes come in style, leave and return, sometimes even less than a decade a later. That’s the fashion life, but how is too old for older men and women (especially the women) to wear a certain attire.

Recently I was doing shopping with my friends and a woman who was probably close to 50 (maybe older) was trying on an outfit at the same time as one my friends. She stared at herself for several minutes in the mirror before turning around asking for my opinion. “How does this look?” Inside I was talking to myself as Mo’Nique did in Phat Girlz when she didn’t want to say the truth aloud. I said nice, but in my head I added if you were celebrating your 21st birthday. She wore daisy dukes, with fishnets and a top exposing almost all of her breast. She also had a tattoo on her cleavage. Is this appropriate? Maybe to her it is, but to others it may not be.

On a separate occasion, I was in kids aisle and there were lace and netted shirts for the young girls. The shirts, in my opinion are too sexy for anyone who haven’t even reached puberty yet – and even then it’s still questionable as to whether it’s appropriate or not. The same thing with leggings, I feel like little girls shouldn’t wear them, in these days, kids bodies mature a lot quicker than they did back in in the day and leggings shows it all and bars none.

I also began questioning my own appearance at one point of time, when I was 20 and a junior in college, I became a substitute teacher. I enjoyed it and I felt like I dressed appropriately until students would walk up to me and talk about they have the same outfit as I do. When this was happening my students thought that they could have friendship with me, not only because I was young, but also because our dressing styles were very similar. As the time went by I completely changed the way I looked when it going into work and I learned the students actually have more respect for you when you look like a teacher instead of their peer.

The way a person dress not only says a lot about your character, but it also plays a role in respect. For example, the woman I seen with the daisy dukes on would most likely get less respect than a woman of her same ethnicity and age with nice slacks and a blouse on. This issue is also big with celebrities who wear skimpy clothes and still dress as if they’re in their early 20s. So, we’re back at the same question again, should certain clothes have an age stipulation? Should we dress a certain way after we hit a certain age?

Yes, I feel In Love- But Its Not What You Think

Yes, I feel In Love- But Its Not What You Think

I usually eschew topics focused on sex, men, women and their “instruments.” Communicating with my friends of different sexes, I’ve realized that men and women are no longer falling in love with the person because of who they are and what they stand for. They’re falling in love with their partners baby making tools instead. A man can make a woman very obsequious ( and vice verse) if he puts ‘it’ down- the right way of course. Women cut of their friends, men will flaunt, flash and spend all of their money on these women, and it isn’t because they’re in love with one another, but because the person knows how to work what the Lord blessed him or her with.
As you’ve seen me say before sex is popular and it gets people going- literally. It’s not like it’s a esoteric topic, all adults and most kids knows what it is, but not everyone allows themselves to fall in love with it. Women and Men alike, probably go through a whole slew of people before they find what they’re looking for. Falling in love with penises and vagina’s is easy to avoid. Don’t have sex with them until after you know them. If you have sex first and get to know them later you’ll be in a mess of trouble- all kind of secrets and skeletons are probably overflowing their closet. Just think, how amazing would it be if people fell in love, not in sex? Think about it.

“Lets Talk About Sex Baby”

Sex, sexo, sexe, cekc- no matter what country or language you say it in sex still means one thing. Sex is a sexually motivated phenomena or behavior. These days people take advantage of their vaginas and penises and use sex as a game instead of a way to show their love and affection for one another. There are so many things that reference sex in todays society, everything from movies, to music to games and even commercials.

Media portrays sex as something fun and exciting. When it seen in music videos done by celebrities and sexy backup dancers it wheels kids in. When it’s seen on shows such as Secret Life of a American Teenager, it wheels teenagers in. They see these adults portraying teenagers living young, wild and free and they want glimpse of that life- until they learn that everything that glitters isn’t gold and TV glitters up everything. Most of these characters that were featured in this series had sex drives that were intractable.

Dancing is one of the most provocative actions that leads to sex-juking, twerking, grinding, bumping- all these involves the thrusting of body parts against one another. The issue with our society is everyone is so against teen pregnancy, yet they promote it any and every time they can. Celebrities want to tell teens to do the right thing- go to college, get a education, sex can wait, yet in their music, videos and performances everything they preach to kids goes out the window.

Kids in middle school are even have sex now, the fact that 5th graders are mixed with 8th graders introduces kids to sex earlier than they usually would be introduced to the topic. The bad thing about sex is that’ll it will alway be around effecting on your youth and making it tempting for them to test the waters.

Sex sales and with all devices and social networks kids has access to makes it difficult to monitor their every move. Trying to keep them away from these things is like trying to stick to diet- it’s easier said than done.